How can we help you?

We have answered a few questions for you that we often get asked but if you still need to know more then please do not hesitate to get started with us today and we will be delighted to answer any queries you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Remote Bears?

Think of us as your bridge to finding amazing talent outside of your country. We find the best people we can for your needs and vet them extensively before they get to you. We won’t send you a mountain of profiles, we will keep it lean to save you the time of having to go through endless candidates and ensure that you speak to the people you really want. Once you have selected your new employees we will hire them for you, onboard them with all the right equipment for the role and then hand them over to you as full member of your team. We take care of the employees payroll and local benefits so all you need to focus on is getting the best from your new member of staff.

Are my Bears Full Time Employees?

Your employees will be what you need them to be. That could be full time, part time, project based or consultant. They will work the hours and timezone that you need them to be, no different to you hiring staff in your own country.

Do you pay my Bears?

Yes, we take care of the employees payroll for you. You will pay a fixed monthly fee to us and we will do the rest – Easy.

Where will my staff be based?

Your staff will be based in either the Philippines or Sri Lanka, primarily, although the United Kingdom can be an option should you need a hire located there. We will guide you on which country we think will be the best fit for the role you need and take it from there.

What hardware and software do they get?

We will provide your Bears with the correct laptops required for them to fulfil their role. If there is a specfic type of laptop or PC required, we will also facilitate that for you. All deliveries of equipment and all necessary add-ons such as VPN are all ready for you and your new Bears.

What if I need my staff to work on a holiday in the country they live it?

Your bears will work the shift pattern and holiday pattern that you need them to. All of this will be taken care of before they are onboarded and will follow all the necessary working patterns that you require from them.