Leaders of professional services firms are beset with excuses. Since 2021, we have served up COVID, inflation, rising salaries, and the war in Ukraine as reasons why the firm’s growth is frozen.

Remote Bears have written a white paper to help managing partners from law firms get back to business.

It is important to understand why and how remote work will reshape law firms and all professional-services companies. While attitudes to working may have changed since COVID-19, the problem is that there is a labor shortage. In Australia in 2022, the national average jumped from 150,000 job vacancies to half a million, a leap of more than two-fold.

In the US, the numbers are equally daunting. According to the US Department of Labor, job vacancies rose from 437,000 to 10.7 million by the end of September 2022.


Here is our recommendation on how a law firm ought to recruit remote workers and introduce asynchronous work practices. In some cases, steps may be skipped and the order adjusted.

Rather than one big bang rollout that is likely to be unacceptable to clients and staff, we recommend several step changes. These step changes or milestones ensure the law firm includes all stakeholders.

step change 1: introduce remote paralegals synchronously

step change 2: control unit costs

step change 3: introduce asynchronous work practices

step change 4: adopt productivity tools

step change 5: introduce remote support roles

step change 6: introduce asynchronous customer service

Grab the white paper


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