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“It is not an easy thing to hire outside of your own country and our job is to make that as easy as possible for you.”

Our team has a relentless dedication to quality and tailoring our approach to all our partners. Remote Bears came to be through years of experience in hiring and managing staff in all departments of a business and bringing diversity into the workplace. Our team are spread across the world and we have seen the incredible value of this diverse team and cultures, there are so many skill sets that are brought to the table and we at Remote Bears want to show you how this can benefit you too. This is a passion of ours and one that we cannot wait to share with you.

We will take you through this process step by step and keep it transparent and simple from the start. If you have not hired outside of your country before, there can be many questions and uncertainties and we will talk you through all of these. There are no upfront fees, we are happy to talk to you and share with you our experiences and our guide to supporting your business. If you have had a bad experience hiring outside your country please talk to us and we can discuss where the pain points were for you and how Remote Bears can make sure you do not experience that again. We are waiting to talk to you right now.


Passion and Diversity

Our mission at Remote Bears is to support companies in expanding their reach across the globe. We want to empower businesses with the right people, at the right time, in the right roles and are committed to providing top-tier solutions through innovation, transparency and a super easy process. With a focus on building lasting relationships and fostering mutual success, we aim to positively impact businesses and individuals alike, driving growth and prosperity in every community we serve.

Our Team

We are proud to have our team around the world and we will continue to spread our wings. The different cultures we have make us stronger and they will help you as well. The United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and the United States of America are just some of the countries we have started in and we are only growing. You will meet many of our team as your partnership with us grows and every one on the team will be more than willing to support you in any way they can. Our headquarters in America and our offices in Sri Lanka, the Philippines and England provide us with the ability to work across time zones and support each other and you at all times. We are blessed to have such an amazing team.

The ingredients for success

Our step by step guide

Not knowing how to go about hiring outside your country is a great reason to not do it. We like simplicity at Remote Bears and we believe you do too so here is our simple guide to what happens when you partner with Remote Bears

Step 1 – Meet our CEO

Our first stop will be to gather all the details of the roles you need and the specific information we need in order to find you the best talent. We will answer all your questions with our tailored and personal approach to guide you through all the next steps

Step 2 – Recruitment

Now we have all the details of the staff you need our dedicated team will begin immediately to source, screen and interview the candidates. Then if they get past us we will send them to you to review and then set up the final interview with your team. We only want to send you the best so we will not bombard you with vast numbers of candidates

Step 3 – Selection

Once you have finished your final interview you will select the people that you want to hire. At this point we will invoice you for the pre-agreed fee and a security deposit and we will then make the candidate the job offer for you.

Step 4 – Onboarding

Once the job offer is signed we will send them the employment contract to the candidate to sign and then we will take care of all the necessary background checks. We will then schedule them for a free full day onboarding programme to make sure they are ready to start work for you

Step 5 – Your new employee

Your new Remote Bear is now ready. They will start on day one with you for your internal onboarding along with a member of our staff and then they are all yours. A new member of your workforce fully remote ready

Some more things we’re great at

Full employee onboarding

No extra costs, we onboard your new stay with a full days introduction

24/7 support

We have technical support staff on hand day and night

zero recruitment costs

This is just part of what we do so we don’t see why you should be charged for it

Fully integrated payroll

We have our very own payroll software so we don’t need to outsource so your employees are taken care of

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